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JASPER — The Chevrolet dealership in Jasper has a new name along with new owners and management.

Dwane Johansen and his sons Lee and Chris purchased Bruce Glueck Chevrolet dealership from longtime owner Bruce Glueck.

The changeover of the newly-named Gator Chevrolet happened Dec. 12.

Lee Johansen is serving as the General Manager.

Johansen said all support staff has remained the same.

“We were looking for stores that we felt we could grow and work with and we really thought this was a great opportunity,” Johansen said about the purchase.

Johansen said they are increasing store hours, updating technology in the office and stocking more vehicles. He said he also wants to become involved in the community and support local events and charities.

Gator Chevrolet will work with every bank and credit union and lender here in the area and take any type of trade in including trucks, cars, vans, boats, ATVs and trailers.

“We are very flexible with everybody to figure out a way to make a vehicle for them affordable,” Johansen said.

Gator Chevrolet will order a vehicle directly from the factory for customers.

Lee said the three-year goal is to grow and possibly relocate the dealership to the interstate.

“We want to become a business that is providing tax dollars, as far as sales tax, back to the county and revenue for the county and employment for locals in the community,” Johansen said.

He added he sees the dealership employing 25 to 30 people in three years.

Gator Chevrolet is located at 208 Hatley Street in Jasper. The hours of operation is Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 386-792-1111.